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Find an Invested Personal Injury Attorney in Davenport, IA

Whether you have suffered due to a car accident, medical malpractice, or assault, you can benefit from an experienced and invested personal injury attorney in Davenport, IA.

At Gomez May LLP, you’ll find an entire team ready to help you with your case. We have over 36 years of experience and have an extensive knowledge of medical terminology. This enables us to understand the extent of your injuries and how they might affect you in the future.

We’ll Focus on You

We can provide you with legal assistance no matter your injury. In fact, many Davenport residents trust us to handle the following:

  • Assault, battery, and intentional torts
  • Car accidents
  • Claims against the government
  • Construction accidents
  • Defamation claims
  • Dog and other animal bites
  • Exposure to toxins and harmful chemicals
  • Injuries from defective and dangerous products
  • Medical malpractice
  • Slips and falls
  • Sports and recreation accidents
  • Workers compensation
  • Wrongful death

We want you to feel confident and comfortable with our services, so we’ll listen carefully to your concerns and we’ll answer any questions you may have about the legal process. We’ll gather as many details as we can so we can present a solid case in your behalf.

Additionally, we understand that meeting with an attorney can interrupt your day and take time away from your kids. If you have young children that you can’t leave unattended, feel free to bring them to our office. They can spend time coloring or entertaining themselves while we meet with you.

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In cases of personal injury, responding promptly can improve your cases odds for success. Call us at 563.359.3591 for an invested personal injury attorney in Davenport, IA, or fill out our contact us form here.

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